How do I enable Lever’s Sapling integration?

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Sapling’s Onboarding and HRIS platform helps mid-sized companies automate and elevate their employee experience. As an official Sapling partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information into Sapling to begin their employee experience. 

Once set up, Sapling Admin users will receive a “Pending Hire” notification when a candidate is marked as “Hired” in Lever.

Enable this integration in Lever

To enable this integration, you’ll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account. 

Step 1: Add an API key to Sapling

  • Click the toggle next to Sapling’s logo.


  • Generate an API key for Sapling. You’ll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with Sapling will authorize. Note: If you have an enterprise level license and will be sending custom fields to Sapling, this step will be different. Please see the below “How do I send custom fields to Sapling?” section for instructions and skip this step.
  • Copy the newly generated API key from Lever.


  • Navigate to Sapling’s secure integrations page.


  • Add the API key to Sapling’s secure integrations page. 


Step 2: Add a webhook Signature Token to Sapling

You’ll also need to generate a webhook Signature Token for candidate stage changes within Lever so that your candidates can be pushed from Lever to Sapling upon hire. This webhook token can then be added to Sapling.

  • Switch on the ‘Candidate hired’ toggle. The address for your webhook should be: [yourcompanyname]  Example:
  • Click Verify Connection - if you see a green check mark, scroll further down the page.



  • Click the Regenerate Token button, copy the token and add it to Sapling.



  • When a candidate profile in Lever has been marked as “Hired”, the integration sends the new hire data to Sapling. You can then begin onboarding the new hire.
  • From the Pending Hires Menu in Sapling, you can select which employee you would like to onboard.

How does Sapling onboard new hires to their platform?

When you select the “Pending Hire” in Sapling, the following pieces of information will be sent from Lever into the Sapling employee onboarding sequence:

Candidate information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone

Job posting information:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Department
  • Hiring manager

Offer information:

  • Anticipated start date
  • Offered compensation amount
  • Compensation currency
  • Equity

You will also have the option to import several other important pieces of information including:

  • Profile Forms / Form Fields, which cover any Custom fields from your Lever account into Sapling (see below for setup instructions.)
  • Resumes (Sapling stores these on the documents page of the employee)
  • Referrals (who referred the candidate to your company)
  • Source tags (tracking where employees came from)

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We’re always happy to help set up your Sapling integration! 

How do I send custom fields to Sapling?

See below for the steps you will need to take to add custom requisition fields to Lever. Note: You will need access to Lever's data API (included in Lever's Enterprise edition) in order to send custom fields to Sapling.

  • First you will need an API key. Start by navigating to your settings page and clicking the Integrations option on the left hand side.
  • Click the API Credentials tab and then Generate New Key under Lever API Credentials.


  • Name the API key and copy the entire line.
  • Under permissions, click Select All and then scroll down and click done.



  • Paste the copied API key in the API key section of the Lever integration pop-up in Sapling. Note: If you have not set up a webhook Signature Token, see instructions above.


Creating custom fields in Lever

  • Start by navigating to the Requisitions section of your Lever settings and click Add New Field at the bottom of the page to add a new custom requisition field. Check the checkbox next to each field to make the field required when assigning the requisition.


  • You will then see the custom fields when editing the requisition.


  • Next, check the “Manage requisitions using the Lever API” box on the Requisition settings page. Note: You will not be able to edit requisitions within Lever as long as this box is checked.


  • Create profile fields in Sapling that match your custom fields. These profile fields will give the Lever custom field information a place to populate when a candidate is marked as Hired. Next, use the Lever Requisition Field drop-down box to connect the custom fields.


  • Finally, choose the custom field you would like to connect to the profile field.


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