How do I create new worksheets?

Any user with access to Lever Talent Intelligence license may create their own content or modify the pre-existing.

Simply log into Lever Talent Intelligence with your unique credentials, navigate to any dashboard, and click the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner.

You will be brought to the web authoring interface where you can create new worksheets, dashboards, re-arrange, add, delete, and or modify existing content. For context, worksheets make up the different components on a dashboard.

Like in Tableau Desktop, Data and Analytics panes appear on the left side of the workspace.

The Data pane includes the names of the data sources included in the workbook, and the fields, parameters, and sets included in the active data source.

The Analytics pane provides analytic features in Tableau. You can drag reference lines, forecasts, trend lines, and other objects into your view from the Analytics pane.

A toolbar with options for editing the view appears at the top of the workspace. You can also use some of the toolbar options to connect to published data sources or create new worksheets and dashboards.

The Marks card and the Pages and Filters shelves appear on the left of the view. Columns and Rows for measures and dimensions shelves appear above the view. Tabs for worksheets and dashboards in the workbook appear at the bottom of the workspace.

To create a new view, click the New Worksheet button at the bottom of the workspace, or on the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow on the New Worksheet button and select New Worksheet from the list.

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