How do I enable EEO questions and export candidate responses?

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Our EEO features allow you to gain a complete picture of your candidate demographics. You can both display EEO questions on your job postings and survey candidates who don't apply through your Lever-hosted job site.

Note that U.S. federal government contractors are required to collect EEO data for OFCCP compliance purposes. But if your company doesn't contract with the government, you can still use this functionality to track and measure diversity hiring efforts.


Update: Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form

As mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor OFCCP, the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form and response selections must be updated by August 4th, 2020. The verbiage update to the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form will be posted automatically within Lever by the August 4th deadline.

How do I enable EEO questions?

To add EEO questions to your job postings, get started by navigating to the company settings page. You must be an Admin or Super Admin to configure these settings.

Scroll down to the "Equal employment opportunity (EEO)" section.


Click "Configure" next to the "Enable EEO questions" checkbox, and a new window will pop up.


For non-U.S. federal contractors, select "No" under the first question. Then select which questions you'd like to display on your job posting application form. If you choose to enable the survey, the same questions will appear on the survey.


Non-U.S. federal contractor settings

For U.S. federal contractors, select "Yes" under the first question. Then select whether you would like the EEO questions to be displayed in a long or shortened format.


U.S. federal government contractor settings

The long version will show race descriptions on the job application form.


The short version will initially hide the descriptions and allow candidates to expand the full question.


After you've configured your federal contractor status and questions, click the "Next" button.

Designate the job posting locations for which you want to display the EEO questions. EEO questions should only be asked on U.S.-based postings.


EEO questions will be enabled by default for any newly added locations in your company settings. You will need to disable them if you don't want EEO questions to appear for a new location!


Click the blue button to save your changes. The EEO questionnaire will now appear on all of your published and internal job postings.

How do I gather EEO data from sourced candidates and referrals?

We understand that it's important to your team to have a complete picture of your candidate pool. We enable you to automatically survey and collect diversity information from candidates who don't apply through your Lever-hosted job site, like sourced candidates and referrals. Learn more about how to take advantage of this functionality here.

How do I export answers to EEO questions?

Super Admins on your team can export the results from your EEO/OFCCP survey here.

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