How do I send a survey of EEO questions to sourced, referred, or agency-submitted candidates?

Available for User roles Admins, Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages


This feature is available for customers that have indicated that they are U.S. federal contractors in their EEO settings.

Our EEO features allow you to gain a complete picture of your candidate demographics. In addition to displaying EEO questions on your job postings, we enable you to survey and collect diversity information from candidates who don't apply through your Lever-hosted job site, like sourced candidates and referrals.

U.S. federal government contractors are required to collect EEO data for OFCCP compliance purposes. If your company doesn't contract with the government, you can still use this functionality to track and measure diversity hiring efforts.

To get started, navigate to the company settings page. You must be an Admin or Super Admin to configure these settings.

Scroll down to the "Equal employment opportunity (EEO)" section.

If you haven't already configured EEO questions for your job postings, check the box next to "Enable EEO questions" and go through the flow. These will be the same questions that are asked on the survey.


After setting up your EEO questions, click "Configure" next to the second EEO checkbox that describes the survey.


A window will appear for you to indicate the stage that will trigger the EEO survey for candidates who do not apply via your Lever-hosted job site. When such a candidate moves to or past the selected stage in your pipeline, the candidate will immediately be sent an email about the EEO survey.

The survey will be sent to all of the email addresses listed in the candidate profile's contact information section.


Associate a posting with the candidate profile before moving it to or past the selected stage. If a posting doesn't exist on the profile at the time that it's moved, we will wait one hour before sending the survey. If you add a posting to the profile during that hour, we will immediately send the survey at that moment.


Click "Turn On Survey" to activate this functionality.

Upon enabling the survey, a text editor will appear, allowing you to customize and preview the email that will contain the survey link and be sent to candidates.


The final survey to the candidate will look similar to this:


Explanatory text and questions vary depending on your EEO question settings.


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