How do I enable Lever’s BambooHR integration?

As an official BambooHR partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information into BambooHR. 

Streamline the recruiting to HR process by allowing candidate information to flow seamlessly into BambooHR once a candidate is hired in Lever. The candidate data from Lever will dynamically populate a new BambooHR employee profile, minimizing the time spent on manual data entry.


When a candidate is imported from Lever into BambooHR, here is the data that gets transferred. Fields taken from a candidate's profile:
Lever Candidate Field
BambooHR Profile Field
First name
(required) Candidate's first name
First name (Text)
Last name
(required) Candidate's last name
Last name (Text)
Email address
(required) Candidate's email
Email (Text)
Phone Number
Phone number on the candidate profile
Job title
Job that the candidate was hired for
Job title (List)
Team associated with the job that the candidate was hired for
Department (List)
Location associated with the job that the candidate was hired for
Location (List)


Please note: The BambooHR integration must be configured by a Super Admin on your Lever account and an Admin user on the BambooHR account.

First, navigate to your account's Integrations page in Settings. Toggle on the integration.

When you toggle on the BambooHR integration, you will be prompted to enter the company URL used for your BambooHR account, as well as a contact for the integration.

  • Company URL - Be sure this is an EXACT match with the spelling you use for your BambooHR account (e.g.
  • Contact - This is the individual who should be notified if there is ever a problem exporting a candidate into BambooHR. Hint: if you’re setting up the integration, it probably should be you!
  • Authentication – Click to enter BambooHR credentials to setup the integration. Important note: We recommend that you create a new email address, such as, to authenticate the integration. This will ensure that, should the admin who is setting up the integration depart from your company, the Lever <> BambooHR integration will continue to operate successfully. In addition, the user who is authenticating the integration must have full Admin access within BambooHR. This can be configured within the BambooHR Permission Settings page at

To confirm that you have entered all information correctly, click the verify button. This will send a test request to BambooHR to ensure that Lever can successfully authenticate using the company URL and authentication credentials that you provided.

Configuring BambooHR

In order to successfully create a candidate profile in BambooHR with job details, you must pre-populate values for Department, Job Title, and Location. These values in BambooHR must match the teams, job titles and locations in your Lever account.

Please note: "Department" in BambooHR corresponds to "Team" in Lever. "Location" refers to the location of the job.

Here's how to make sure you have everything set up correctly. Start by going to BambooHR and clicking on the Settings icon at the top of the dashboard.
In the left-hand sidebar, select Employee Fields. You can check which values are pre-populated by clicking on DepartmentJob Title, and Location. Make sure to add all of your Lever teams, job titles and locations! 

Please note: Capitalization and special characters are important when mirroring your job values. For example, if your job location is listed in Lever as "Omaha, Nebraska - Regional Office" the location in BambooHR must be written exactly the same.

Congratulations, youre all set up!
Next time you mark a candidate as hired in Lever, a new employee record will be created in BambooHR. Hire on!
Candidate in Lever: 
Candidate pushed to BambooHR:
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